10th Workshop

Distributed Virtual Supercomputers

Renaissance Wailea Beach Resort, Maui, Hawaii, USA, March 6-9, 2006
(by invitation only)

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Pictures taken at SOS10

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February 24, 2006

To: All SOS10 Attendees

With your updates and help, the SOS10 website is current, and it has a lot of relevant information. However, we will be freezing it Monday, February 27, 2006. After the workshop, we will add all the presentations there. Here are a few things we would like you to do:

  1. Please visit the website and tell us if you find any errors.
  2. Please do a repeated FIND of your last name for all its occurrences. This will tell you and remind you of your commitments.
  3. Abstracts of all talks are clickable, and so are descriptions of Sessions, and Questions for the Panels. Clicking on a name takes you to the relevant bio.
  4. At Registration we will have for you a handy abbreviated program that you can carry with you for ease in following the Program. We will expect that you will obtain any detailed information from the website. We will have very limited copies of detailed information only for those who do not have access to internet.
  5. SOS Workshops are highly interactive with plenty of audience participation. We will have a laptop available for making presentations. We will copy your material on a memory stick.
  6. We would appreciate your cooperation in minimizing disruptions by cell phones, nonessential use of laptops, PDAs, and the like.
  7. Lastly, we are very strict with time. Please help us make it a memorable workshop. During the Workshop, we will be treated to a number of keynote talks preparing us for Petascale. The Panels will introduce us to the knottiest problems in supercomputing and data intensive computing, educate us, and challenge us.
  8. We will have plenty of scheduled time away from the Workshop for soaking in the paradise.

We look forward to a very fruitful and memorable meeting.

Neil Pundit, Technical Chair, SOS10
Organizing Committee, Hosts, and Staff

What is SOS?

SOS is a series of highly interactive Workshops on Distributed Supercomputing, sponsored jointly by the Sandia National Labs, the Oak Ridge National Lab, and the Swiss Institute of Technology (ETH and EPFL). SOS10 in 2006 will be the 10th year. The last one hosted by Sandia was SOS7 in Durango, CO, USA, in March 2003 attended by over 120 people, as many of you will recall. With your help, SOS10 will be the best ever in the series.

The following website gives a reference to all previous SOS workshops:

SOS10 Theme: Revisiting Data-Intensive Computing

In an earlier SOS Workshop, we had Data-Intensive Computing as the theme but we could not cover all major aspects. In our renewed attempt, we wish to cover the entirety of data-intensive computing. A survey keynote talk will define and scope the implications on architecture, processor, communication, data transfer, storage, and visualization. We will examine how enabling technologies and the applications deal with data-intensiveness. We will keep this focus in most of our sessions.

Program Highlights

We plan to have a highly interactive program for 3 full days with an expected attendance of 75. Each day we will have 7 working hours for the Workshop. We are planning sessions on:

  • CAPABILITY MACHINES: Status and Trends
  • CAPACITY MACHINES: Status and Trends
  • Report on Recent Workshops and Conferences (Frontiers of Extreme Computing, FAST-OS, 2005 European PVM/MPI, IEEE Cluster
    2005, )
  • Keynote Talks (Data-Intensive Computing, US National Academy of Science Report on Supercomputing, Architectures, Killer Applications, Enabling Technologies, Systems Software Challenges, Scalable IO and File Systems)
  • Research Underway
  • State-of-the-art Papers
  • Panel Discussions on Controversial Topics
  • Look into the Future
  • Planning for SOS11 with the Program Committee

Tentative Schedule

March 6, 6pm to 9pm: Reception

March 7 and 8: start with breakfast at 7am, technical program starts at 7:30am and ends at 3:30pm with an hour lunch break.

March 9: start with breakfast at 7am, technical program starts at 7:30am, activities break from 11:30am to 3:30pm (lunch on your own) and the technical program resumes at 3:30pm and ends at 6:30pm, Social Hour, Dinner, and Adjourn.

Registration Fee

We are required to cover the cost of food from the registration fee, which is as follows:

Early Registration, up to Nov 15, 2005: US$300
Regular Registration, up to Jan 2, 2006: US$400
LATE Registration, up to Feb 2, 2006: US$500

NOTE: The deadline for Registration for non-US citizen from sensitive countries is Jan 2, 2006. Hotel room is NOT guaranteed after Feb 2, 2006; however, we can admit US citizen only at the LATE Registration rate.

You can pick up your badge and the latest program starting at 6pm on March 6, 2006. Evening Reception will follow. Workshop days are March 7, 8, and 9 – all full 7-hour days with ample activities breaks. We will conclude with dinner on March 9.


Maui international airport (OGG) [actually in Kahului, Hawaii, USA ] has direct flights from US mainland LAX, SFO, Chicago, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, San Diego, Dallas, etc. It is a short hop from Honolulu (HNL). Maui is home of the Maui Supercomputing Center, a US DoD facility, operated by the University of Hawaii.

Overseas Attendees

If you tell us in advance, the US sponsoring Labs (Sandia and Oak Ridge), and the Lawrence Berkeley Lab (NERSC) in California can arrange for your visit and appropriate discussion with our technical staff before or after the SOS10 Workshop.


The hotel selected is Renaissance Wailea Beach Resort, a part of the Marriott hotel chain. Marriott Hotels

A substantially reduced room rate of US$195.00 per night for single or double occupancy has been negotiated. Children under 18 stay free. [Early Arrival and late stay are allowable up to 3 nights each at this guaranteed rate. Additional nights are possible.]

You can make reservations by phone or by internet.

Phone reservations call: (1-800) 992-4532. Reference "SOS10."

Internet reservations: http://marriott.com/property/propertypage/HNMRN
Type in group code: SNLSNLT

Extracurricular Activities

We invite you to a rare opportunity to soak into all aspects of Distributed Supercomputing as well as into the tropical paradise, nearby attractions and other amenities possible at this world-class resort. You can make it a family vacation.

What we need from you

  • Your Acceptance, Registration, Hotel Reservation
  • Any other suggestion on the program, speakers, topics

Following your acceptance, I will be contacting you for your technical participation in the program as a speaker, panelist, session chair, etc.

Note for Non-US Citizens
If you are not a US citizen, we will gather from you your date and country of birth, and current citizenship. Unless you happen to be from a sensitive country in the US DOE list, we would not need Foreign National Request (FNR) form. For people from any sensitive country we need at least 60 days to get you the FNR approval.


Administrative Matters: Dee Cadena, (Neil’s administrative assistant), dacaden@sandia.gov, 505-284-1458Website and Registration: Deanna Ceballos, drcebal@sandia.gov, 505-845-7753, Bernadette Watts, bmwatts@sandia.gov, 505-844-3936

Technical Matters: Neil Pundit, pundit@sandia.gov, 505-845-7601
Program Chair: Sudip Dosanjh, sudip@sandia.gov, 505-845-7018
Policy Matters and Host: Bill Camp, bill@sandia.gov, 505-845-7655

Special Thanks to:

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