Ernesto Esteves Prudencio

Computational Mathematics

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Computational Mathematics

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Ernesto has been working at Sandia since November of 2022. He is a computational mathematician with professional experience in industry (IBM/Brazil and Schlumberger/USA), academia (UT Austin), and national laboratories (ANL as summer student, SLAC, Sandia-NM). His background involves (i) linear algebra (domain decomposition and multigrid preconditioners; PETSc and Trilinos packages), (ii) PDE-constrained optimization, (iii) UQ (MCMC, Bayesian analysis of physical models, model calibration, optimal experiment design, information gain, filtering, Gaussian processes, QOI predictions), (iv) HPC (MPI, multithreading, GPUs), and (v) software design and development (Linux, C++, DevOps). He is also interested on expanding his expertise to the areas of (vi) machine learning and (vii) model order reduction.


Ernesto has a BSc on electronics engineering from ITA / Brazil (jan/1986 – dec/1990), a MSc on applied mathematics from UNICAMP / Brazil (aug/1999 – jan/2001), and a PhD on computer science from CU Boulder (jan/2001 – mar/2005).


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