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Assessing atomically thin delta-doping of silicon using mid-infrared ellipsometry

Journal of Materials Research

Katzenmeyer, Aaron M.; Luk, Ting S.; Bussmann, Ezra B.; Young, Steve M.; Anderson, Evan M.; Marshall, Michael T.; Ohlhausen, J.A.; Kotula, Paul G.; Lu, Ping L.; Campbell, DeAnna M.; Lu, Tzu-Ming L.; Liu, Peter Q.; Ward, Daniel R.; Misra, Shashank M.

Hydrogen lithography has been used to template phosphine-based surface chemistry to fabricate atomic-scale devices, a process we abbreviate as atomic precision advanced manufacturing (APAM). Here, we use mid-infrared variable angle spectroscopic ellipsometry (IR-VASE) to characterize single-nanometer thickness phosphorus dopant layers (δ-layers) in silicon made using APAM compatible processes. A large Drude response is directly attributable to the δ-layer and can be used for nondestructive monitoring of the condition of the APAM layer when integrating additional processing steps. The carrier density and mobility extracted from our room temperature IR-VASE measurements are consistent with cryogenic magneto-transport measurements, showing that APAM δ-layers function at room temperature. Finally, the permittivity extracted from these measurements shows that the doping in the APAM δ-layers is so large that their low-frequency in-plane response is reminiscent of a silicide. However, there is no indication of a plasma resonance, likely due to reduced dimensionality and/or low scattering lifetime.

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1 Result
1 Result