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Development of machine learning models for turbulent wall pressure fluctuations

AIAA SciTech Forum - 55th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting

Ling, Julia L.; Barone, Matthew F.; Davis, Warren L.; Chowdhary, K.; Fike, Jeffrey A.

In many aerospace applications, it is critical to be able to model fluid-structure interactions. In particular, correctly predicting the power spectral density of pressure fluctuations at surfaces can be important for assessing potential resonances and failure modes. Current turbulence modeling methods, such as wall-modeled Large Eddy Simulation and Detached Eddy Simulation, cannot reliably predict these pressure fluctuations for many applications of interest. The focus of this paper is on efforts to use data-driven machine learning methods to learn correction terms for the wall pressure fluctuation spectrum. In particular, the non-locality of the wall pressure fluctuations in a compressible boundary layer is investigated using random forests and neural networks trained and evaluated on Direct Numerical Simulation data.

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9 Results
9 Results