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Toward an evolutionary task parallel integrated MPI + X Programming Model

Barrett, Richard F.; Stark, Dylan S.; Vaughan, Courtenay T.; Grant, Ryan E.; Olivier, Stephen L.; Pedretti, Kevin P.

The Bulk Synchronous Parallel programming model is showing performance limitations at high processor counts. We propose over-decomposition of the domain, operated on as tasks, to smooth out utilization of the computing resource, in particular the node interconnect and processing cores, and hide intra- and inter-node data movement. Our approach maintains the existing coding style commonly employed in computational science and engineering applications. Although we show improved performance on existing computers, up to 131,072 processor cores, the effectiveness of this approach on expected future architectures will require the continued evolution of capabilities throughout the codesign stack. Success then will not only result in decreased time to solution, but would also make better use of the hardware capabilities and reduce power and energy requirements, while fundamentally maintaining the current code configuration strategy.