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Sustaining knowledge in the neutron generator community and benchmarking study

Huff, Tameka B.; Turgeon, Jennifer T.; Baldonado, Esther B.; Stubblefield, W.A.; Kennedy, Bryan C.; Saba, Antony S.

In 2004, the Responsive Neutron Generator Product Deployment department embarked upon a partnership with the Systems Engineering and Analysis knowledge management (KM) team to develop knowledge management systems for the neutron generator (NG) community. This partnership continues today. The most recent challenge was to improve the current KM system (KMS) development approach by identifying a process that will allow staff members to capture knowledge as they learn it. This 'as-you-go' approach will lead to a sustainable KM process for the NG community. This paper presents a historical overview of NG KMSs, as well as research conducted to move toward sustainable KM.