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SST_GPU: An Execution -Driven CUDA Kernel Scheduler and Streaming-Multiprocessor Compute Model

Khairy, Mahmoud K.; Zhang, Mengchi Z.; Green, Roland G.; Hammond, Simon D.; Hoekstra, Robert J.; Rogers, Timothy R.; Hughes, Clayton H.

Programmable accelerators have become commonplace in modern computing systems. Advances in programming models and the availability of massive amounts of data have created a space for massively parallel acceleration where the context for thousands of concurrent threads are resident on-chip. These threads are grouped and interleaved on a cycle-by-cycle basis among several mas- sively parallel computing cores. The design of future supercomputers relies on an ability to model the performance of these massively parallel cores at scale. To address the need for a scalable, decentralized GPU model that can model large GPUs, chiplet- based GPUs and multi-node GPUs, this report details the first steps in integrating the open-source, execution driven GPGPU-Sim into the SST framework. The first stage of this project, creates two elements: a kernel scheduler SST element accepts work from SST CPU models and schedules it to an SM-collection element that performs cycle-by-cycle timing using SSTs Mem Hierarchy to model a flexible memory system.