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Spin-lattice model for cubic crystals

Nieves, P.; Tranchida, Julien G.; Arapan, S.; Legut, D.

We present a methodology based on the Néel model to build a classical spin-lattice Hamiltonian for cubic crystals capable of describing magnetic properties induced by the spin-orbit coupling like magnetocrystalline anisotropy and anisotropic magnetostriction, as well as exchange magnetostriction. Taking advantage of the analytical solutions of the Néel model, we derive theoretical expressions for the parametrization of the exchange integrals and Néel dipole and quadrupole terms that link them to the magnetic properties of the material. This approach allows us to build accurate spin-lattice models with the desired magnetoelastic properties. We also explore a possible way to model the volume dependence of magnetic moment based on the Landau energy. This feature allows us to consider the effects of hydrostatic pressure on the saturation magnetization. We apply this method to develop a spin-lattice model for BCC Fe and FCC Ni, and we show that it accurately reproduces the experimental elastic tensor, magnetocrystalline anisotropy under pressure, anisotropic magnetostrictive coefficients, volume magnetostriction, and saturation magnetization under pressure at zero temperature. This work could constitute a step towards large-scale modeling of magnetoelastic phenomena.