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SPHYNX: Spectral partitioning for HYbrid and aXelerator-enabled systems

Acer, Seher A.; Boman, Erik G.; Rajamanickam, Sivasankaran R.

Graph partitioning has been an important tool to partition the work among several processors to minimize the communication cost and balance the workload. While accelerator-based supercomputers are emerging to be the standard, the use of graph partitioning becomes even more important as applications are rapidly moving to these architectures. However, there is no scalable, distributed-memory, multi-GPU graph partitioner available for applications. We developed a spectral graph partitioner, Sphynx, using the portable, accelerator-friendly stack of the Trilinos framework. We use Sphnyx to systematically evaluate the various algorithmic choices in spectral partitioning with a focus on GPU performance. We perform those evaluations on irregular graphs, because state-of-the-art partitioners have the most difficulty on them. We demonstrate that Sphynx is up to 17x faster on GPUs compared to the case on CPUs, and up to 580x faster compared to a state-of-the-art multilevel partitioner. Sphynx provides a robust alternative for applications looking for a GPU-based partitioner.