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Sensitivity Analysis Comparisons on Geologic Case Studies: An International Collaboration

Swiler, Laura P.; Becker, Dirk-Alexander B.; Brooks, Dusty M.; Govaerts, Joan G.; Koskinen, Lasse K.; Plischke, Elmar P.; Röhlig, Klaus-Jürgen R.; Saveleva, Elena S.; Spiessl, Sabine M.; Stein, Emily S.; Svitelman, Valentina S.

Over the past four years, an informal working group has developed to investigate existing sensitivity analysis methods, examine new methods, and identify best practices. The focus is on the use of sensitivity analysis in case studies involving geologic disposal of spent nuclear fuel or nuclear waste. To examine ideas and have applicable test cases for comparison purposes, we have developed multiple case studies. Four of these case studies are presented in this report: the GRS clay case, the SNL shale case, the Dessel case, and the IBRAE groundwater case. We present the different sensitivity analysis methods investigated by various groups, the results obtained by different groups and different implementations, and summarize our findings.