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SECURE: An Evidence-based Approach to Cyber Experimentation

Pinar, Ali P.; Benz, Zachary O.; Castillo, Anya; Hart, Bill; Swiler, Laura P.; Tarman, Thomas D.

Securing cyber systems is of paramount importance, but rigorous, evidence-based techniques to support decision makers for high-consequence decisions have been missing. The need for bringing rigor into cybersecurity is well-recognized, but little progress has been made over the last decades. We introduce a new project, SECURE, that aims to bring more rigor into cyber experimentation. The core idea is to follow the footsteps of computational science and engineering and expand similar capabilities to support rigorous cyber experimentation. In this paper, we review the cyber experimentation process, present the research areas that underlie our effort, discuss the underlying research challenges, and report on our progress to date. This paper is based on work in progress, and we expect to have more complete results for the conference.