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Sandia / IBM Discussion on Machine Learning for Materials Applications [Slides]

Littlewood, David J.; Wood, Mitchell A.; Montes de Oca Zapiain, David M.; Rajamanickam, Sivasankaran R.; Trask, Nathaniel A.

This report includes a compilation of several slide presentations: 1) Interatomic Potentials for Materials Science and Beyond–Advances in Machine Learned Spectral Neighborhood Analysis Potentials (Wood); 2) Agile Materials Science and Advanced Manufacturing through AI/ML (de Oca Zapiain); 3) Machine Learning for DFT Calculations (Rajamanickam); 4) Structure-preserving ML discovery of a quantum-to-continuum codesign stack (Trask); and 5) IBM Overview of Accelerated Discovery Technology (Pitera)