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Quantifying Uncertainty in Emulations: LDRD Report

Crussell, Jonathan C.; Brown, Aaron B.; Jennings, Jeremy K.; Kavaler, David; Kroeger, Thomas M.; Phillips, Cynthia A.

This report summarizes the work performed under the project "Quantifying Uncertainty in Emulations." Emulation can be used to model real-world systems, typically using virtual- ization to run the real software on virtualized hardware. Emulations are increasingly used to answer mission-oriented questions, but how well they represent the real-world systems is still an open area of research. The goal of the project was to quantify where and how emulations differ from the real world. To do so, we ran a representative workload on both, and collected and compared metrics to identify differences. We aimed to capture behaviors, rather than performance, differences as the latter is more well-understood in the literature. This report summarizes the project's major accomplishments, with the background to understand these accomplishments. It gathers the abstracts and references for the refereed publications that have appeared as part of this work. We then archive partial work not yet ready for publication. 1 Principal Investigator 2 Remaining authors ordered alphabetically by last name