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Prism : a multi-view visualization tool for multi-physics simulation

Garasi, Christopher J.; Rogers, David R.

Complex simulations (in particular, those involving multiple coupled physics) cannot be understood solely using geometry-based visualizations. Such visualizations are necessary in interpreting results and gaining insights into kinematics, however they are insufficient when striving to understand why or how something happened, or when investigating a simulation's dynamic evolution. For multiphysics simulations (e.g. those including solid dynamics with thermal conduction, magnetohydrodynamics, and radiation hydrodynamics) complex interactions between physics and material properties take place within the code which must be investigated in other ways. Drawing on the extensive previous work in view coordination, brushing and linking techniques, and powerful visualization libraries, we have developed Prism, an application targeted for a specific analytic need at Sandia National Laboratories. This multiview scientific visualization tool tightly integrates geometric and phase space views of simulation data and material models. Working closely with analysts, we have developed this production tool to promote understanding of complex, multiphysics simulations. We discuss the current implementation of Prism, along with specific examples of results obtained by using the tool.