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Optimization-based computation with spiking neurons

Verzi, Stephen J.; Vineyard, Craig M.; Vugrin, Eric D.; Galiardi, Meghan; James, Conrad D.; Aimone, James B.

Considerable effort is currently being spent designing neuromorphic hardware for addressing challenging problems in a variety of pattern-matching applications. These neuromorphic systems offer low power architectures with intrinsically parallel and simple spiking neuron processing elements. Unfortunately, these new hardware architectures have been largely developed without a clear justification for using spiking neurons to compute quantities for problems of interest. Specifically, the use of spiking for encoding information in time has not been explored theoretically with complexity analysis to examine the operating conditions under which neuromorphic computing provides a computational advantage (time, space, power, etc.) In this paper, we present and formally analyze the use of temporal coding in a neural-inspired algorithm for optimization-based computation in neural spiking architectures.