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Multiscale modeling of shock wave localization in porous energetic material

Wood, M.A.; Kittell, D.E.; Yarrington, Cole Y.; Thompson, Aidan P.

Shock wave interactions with defects, such as pores, are known to play a key role in the chemical initiation of energetic materials. The shock response of hexanitrostilbene is studied through a combination of large-scale reactive molecular dynamics and mesoscale hydrodynamic simulations. In order to extend our simulation capability at the mesoscale to include weak shock conditions (<6 GPa), atomistic simulations of pore collapse are used to define a strain-rate-dependent strength model. Comparing these simulation methods allows us to impose physically reasonable constraints on the mesoscale model parameters. In doing so, we have been able to study shock waves interacting with pores as a function of this viscoplastic material response. We find that the pore collapse behavior of weak shocks is characteristically different than that of strong shocks.