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Lossless Quantum Hard-Drive Memory Using Parity-Time Symmetry

Chatterjee, Eric N.; Soh, Daniel B.; Young, Steve M.

We theoretically studied the feasibility of building a long-term read-write quantum memory using the principle of parity-time (PT) symmetry, which has already been demonstrated for classical systems. The design consisted of a two-resonator system. Although both resonators would feature intrinsic loss, the goal was to apply a driving signal to one of the resonators such that it would become an amplifying subsystem, with a gain rate equal and opposite to the loss rate of the lossy resonator. Consequently, the loss and gain probabilities in the overall system would cancel out, yielding a closed quantum system. Upon performing detailed calculations on the impact of a driving signal on a lossy resonator, our results demonstrated that an amplifying resonator is physically unfeasible, thus forestalling the possibility of PT-symmetric quantum storage. Our finding serves to significantly narrow down future research into designing a viable quantum hard drive.