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Leveraging Spin-Orbit Coupling in Ge/SiGe Heterostructures for Quantum Information Transfer

Bretz-Sullivan, Terence M.; Brickson, Mitchell I.; Foster, Natalie D.; Hutchins-Delgado, Troy A.; Lewis, Rupert; Lu, Tzu-Ming L.; Miller, Andrew J.; Srinivasa, Vanita S.; Tracy, Lisa A.; Wanke, Michael W.; Luhman, Dwight R.

Hole spin qubits confined to lithographically - defined lateral quantum dots in Ge/SiGe heterostructures show great promise. On reason for this is the intrinsic spin - orbit coupling that allows all - electric control of the qubit. That same feature can be exploited as a coupling mechanism to coherently link spin qubits to a photon field in a superconducting resonator, which could, in principle, be used as a quantum bus to distribute quantum information. The work reported here advances the knowledge and technology required for such a demonstration. We discuss the device fabrication and characterization of different quantum dot designs and the demonstration of single hole occupation in multiple devices. Superconductor resonators fabricated using an outside vendor were found to have adequate performance and a path toward flip-chip integration with quantum devices is discussed. The results of an optical study exploring aspects of using implanted Ga as quantum memory in a Ge system are presented.