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Large-scale stabilized FE computational analysis of nonlinear steady state transport/reaction systems

Shadid, John N.; Salinger, Andrew G.; Pawlowski, Roger P.; Lin, Paul L.; Hennigan, Gary L.; Tuminaro, Raymond S.; Lehoucq, Richard B.

The solution of the governing steady transport equations for momentum, heat and mass transfer in fluids undergoing non-equilibrium chemical reactions can be extremely challenging. The difficulties arise from both the complexity of the nonlinear solution behavior as well as the nonlinear, coupled, non-symmetric nature of the system of algebraic equations that results from spatial discretization of the PDEs. In this paper, we briefly review progress on developing a stabilized finite element ( FE) capability for numerical solution of these challenging problems. The discussion considers the stabilized FE formulation for the low Mach number Navier-Stokes equations with heat and mass transport with non-equilibrium chemical reactions, and the solution methods necessary for detailed analysis of these complex systems. The solution algorithms include robust nonlinear and linear solution schemes, parameter continuation methods, and linear stability analysis techniques. Our discussion considers computational efficiency, scalability, and some implementation issues of the solution methods. Computational results are presented for a CFD benchmark problem as well as for a number of large-scale, 2D and 3D, engineering transport/reaction applications.