Publications / SAND Report

Investigation of type-I interferon dysregulation by arenaviruses : a multidisciplinary approach

Branda, Catherine B.; James, Conrad D.; Kozina, Carol L.; Manginell, Ronald P.; Misra, Milind; Moorman, Matthew W.; Negrete, Oscar N.; Ricken, James B.; Wu, Meiye W.

This report provides a detailed overview of the work performed for project number 130781, 'A Systems Biology Approach to Understanding Viral Hemorrhagic Fever Pathogenesis.' We report progress in five key areas: single cell isolation devices and control systems, fluorescent cytokine and transcription factor reporters, on-chip viral infection assays, molecular virology analysis of Arenavirus nucleoprotein structure-function, and development of computational tools to predict virus-host protein interactions. Although a great deal of work remains from that begun here, we have developed several novel single cell analysis tools and knowledge of Arenavirus biology that will facilitate and inform future publications and funding proposals.