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Inelastic peridynamic model for molecular crystal particles

Silling, Stewart A.; Barr, Christopher M.; Cooper, Marcia A.; Lechman, Jeremy B.; Bufford, Daniel C.

The peridynamic theory of solid mechanics is applied to modeling the deformation and fracture of micrometer-sized particles made of organic crystalline material. A new peridynamic material model is proposed to reproduce the elastic–plastic response, creep, and fracture that are observed in experiments. The model is implemented in a three-dimensional, meshless Lagrangian simulation code. In the small deformation, elastic regime, the model agrees well with classical Hertzian contact analysis for a sphere compressed between rigid plates. Under higher load, material and geometrical nonlinearity is predicted, leading to fracture. The material parameters for the energetic material CL-20 are evaluated from nanoindentation test data on the cyclic compression and failure of micrometer-sized grains.