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High Fidelity Simulations of Large-scale Wireless Networks (Part II - FY2017)

Onunkwo, Uzoma O.; Ganti, Anand G.; Mitchell, John A.; Scoggin, Michael P.; Schroeppel, Richard C.; Van Leeuwen, Brian P.; Wolf, Michael W.

The ability to simulate wireless networks at large-scale for meaningful amount of time is considerably lacking in today's network simulators. For this reason, many published work in this area often limit their simulation studies to less than a 1,000 nodes and either over-simplify channel characteristics or perform studies over time scales much less than a day. In this report, we show that one can overcome these limitations and study problems of high practical consequence. This work presents two key contributions to high fidelity simulation of large-scale wireless networks: (a) wireless simulations can be sped up by more than 100X in runtime using ideas from spatial indexing algorithms and clipping of negligible signals and (b) clustering and task-oriented programming paradigm can be used to reduce inter- process communication in a parallel discrete event simulation resulting in a better scaling efficiency.