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Evaluating energy and power profiling techniques for HPC workloads

Grant, Ryan E.; Laros, James H.; Levenhagen, Michael J.; Olivier, Stephen L.; Pedretti, Kevin P.; Ward, Harry L.; Younge, Andrew J.

Advanced power measurement capabilities are becoming available on large scale High Performance Computing (HPC) deployments. There exist several approaches to providing power measurements today, primarily through in-band (e.g. RAPL) and out-of-band measurements (e.g. power meters). Both types of measurement can be augmented with application-level profiling, however it can be difficult to assess the type and detail of measurement needed to obtain insight from the application power profile. This paper presents a taxonomy for classifying power profiling techniques on modern HPC platforms. Three HPC mini-applications are analyzed across three production HPC systems to examine the level of detail, scope, and complexity of these power profiles. We demonstrate that a combination of out-of-band measurement with in-band application region profiling can provide an accurate, detailed view of power usage without introducing overhead. This work also provides a set of recommendations for how to best profile HPC workloads.