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ERAS: Enabling the Integration of Real-World Intellectual Properties (IPs) in Architectural Simulators

Nema, Shubham N.; Razdan, Rohin R.; Rodrigues, Arun; Hemmert, Karl S.; Voskuilen, Gwendolyn R.; Adak, Debratim A.; Hammond, Simon D.; Awad, Amro A.; Hughes, Clayton H.

Sandia National Laboratories is investigating scalable architectural simulation capabilities with a focus on simulating and evaluating highly scalable supercomputers for high performance computing applications. There is a growing demand for RTL model integration to provide the capability to simulate customized node architectures and heterogeneous systems. This report describes the first steps integrating the ESSENTial Signal Simulation Enabled by Netlist Transforms (ESSENT) tool with the Structural Simulation Toolkit (SST). ESSENT can emit C++ models from models written in FIRRTL to automatically generate components. The integration workflow will automatically generate the SST component and necessary interfaces to ’plug’ the ESSENT model into the SST framework.