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Demonstrate moving-grid multi-turbine simulations primarily run on GPUs and propose improvements for successful KPP-2

Adcock, Christiane A.; Ananthan, Shreyas A.; Berget-Vergiat, Luc B.; Brazell, Michael B.; Brunhart-Lupo, Nicholas B.; Hu, Jonathan J.; Knaus, Robert C.; Melvin, Jeremy M.; Moser, Bob M.; Mullowney, Paul M.; Rood, Jon R.; Sharma, Ashesh S.; Thomas, Stephen T.; Vijayakumar, Ganesh V.; Williams, Alan B.; Wilson, Robert V.; Yamazaki, Ichitaro Y.; Sprague, Michael S.

The goal of the ExaWind project is to enable predictive simulations of wind farms comprised of many megawatt-scale turbines situated in complex terrain. Predictive simulations will require computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations for which the mesh resolves the geometry of the turbines, capturing the thin boundary layers, and captures the rotation and large deflections of blades. Whereas such simulations for a single turbine are arguably petascale class, multi-turbine wind farm simulations will require exascale-class resources.