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A-SST Initial Specification

Rodrigues, Arun; Hammond, Simon D.; Hemmert, Karl S.; Hughes, Clayton H.; Kenny, Joseph P.; Voskuilen, Gwendolyn R.

The U.S. Army Research Office (ARO), in partnership with IARPA, are investigating innovative, efficient, and scalable computer architectures that are capable of executing next-generation large scale data-analytic applications. These applications are increasingly sparse, unstructured, non-local, and heterogeneous. Under the Advanced Graphic Intelligence Logical computing Environment (AGILE) program, Performer teams will be asked to design computer architectures to meet the future needs of the DoD and the Intelligence Community (IC). This design effort will require flexible, scalable, and detailed simulation to assess the performance, efficiency, and validity of their designs. To support AGILE, Sandia National Labs will be providing the AGILE-enhanced Structural Simulation Toolkit (A-SST). This toolkit is a computer architecture simulation framework designed to support fast, parallel, and multi-scale simulation of novel architectures. This document describes the A-SST framework, some of its library of simulation models, and how it may be used by AGILE Performers.