Refereed Publications

Journal Articles and Book Chapters

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In Press


Under Review

  1. A. Mota, I. Tezaur, G. Phlipot.  "The Schwarz alternating method for dynamic solid mechanics", submitted to Int. J. Numer. Meth. Engng. [PDF]
  2. I. Tezaur, E. Roesler, A. Powell, K. Peterson, J. Jakeman.  "Global sensitivity analysis of ultra-low resolution E3SM", submitted to JAMES. [HTML] [PDF]
  3. T. Shead, I. Tezaur, W. Davis, M. Carlson, D. Dunlavy, E. Parish, P. Blonigan, J. Tencer, F. Rizzi, H. Kolla.  "A novel in situ machine learning framework for intelligent data capture and event detection", chapter in preparation for upcoming Springer text on machine learning/data analytics for scientific HPC.  (N. Swaminathan, ed.).


In Preparation

  1. E. Parish, M. Yano, I. Tezaur, T. Iliescu.  "Residual-based stabilized reduced-order models of transient partial differential equations obtained through discrete and continuous projection", in preparation.
  2. P. Lindsay, J. Fike, K. Carlberg, I. Tezaur.  "Preconditioned Least-Squares Petrov-Galerkin Reduced Order Models", in preparation for submission to Comput. Meth. Appl. Mech. Engng.
  3. J. Fike, P. Lindsay, K. Carlberg, I. Tezaur.  "Preconditioned Least-Squares Petrov-Galerkin Reduced Order Models for Compressible Flows", in preparation for submission to AIAA J.
  4. J. Frederick, D. Bull, A. Mota, I. Tezaur, W. Eymold, B. Jones, E. Bristol, R. Choens, C. Flanary, C. Jones, M. Ward Jones, J. McClelland, M. Thomas.  "Validation of the Arctic Coastal Erosion Model for Several Summer 2018 Storm Events at Drew Point, Alaska", in preparation for submission to J. Geophys. Research: Earch Surface.
  5. J. Watkins, M. Carlson, I. Tezaur, M. Perego, L. Bertagna. “Performance portable ice sheet modeling with MPAS Albany Land Ice”, in preparation.
  6. A. Mota, I. Tezaur, J. Hoy. “The Schwarz alternating method for multiscale contact mechanics”, in preparation.
  7. A. DeCastro, P. Kuberry, P. Bochev, I. Tezaur.  “A Novel Partitioned Approach for Reduced Order Model – Finite Element Model (ROM-FEM) and ROM-ROM Coupling”, in preparation.