Open-source software


I am a developer/co-author on the following released, open-source codes, available on github:

  1. Albany 2.0: an open-source multiphysics analysis package based on the Trilinos multiphysics framework and the SCOREC Parallel Unstructured Mesh Infrastructure (PUMI). [github]
  2. Community Ice Sheet Model (CISM 2.0): a next-generation ice sheet model that will be used for predicting ice sheet retreat and sea level rise in a warming climate, freely available to the glaciology and climate modeling communities and serves as the ice dynamics component of the Community Earth System Model (CESM). [github]
  3. Piro Trilinos package: a top-level, unifying package of the Embedded Nonlinear Analysis Capability area in Trilinos. The main purpose of the package is to provide driver classes for the common uses of Trilinos nonlinear analysis tools. [github]
  4. Tempus Trilinos package: a software framework for the time integration of ordinary differential equations (ODEs), partial differential equations (PDEs), and differential-algebraic equations (DAEs). [github]