Denis Ridzal

Principal Member of Technical Staff

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Principal Member of Technical Staff

(505) 845-1395

Sandia National Laboratories, New Mexico
P.O. Box 5800
Albuquerque, NM 87185-MS 1320

Synopsis of My Work

Applied mathematics, numerical analysis, numerical optimization, partial differential equations (PDEs), applications in physical and life sciences

  • Optimization:
    Large-scale nonlinear programming, PDE-constrained optimization, optimal control, inexact sequential quadratic programming (SQP), solvers and preconditioners for KKT systems, development of optimization software.
  • Numerical analysis and PDEs:
    Advanced compatible and high-order discretizations, finite element analysis, development of software tools for PDE discretizations.
  • Example applications:
    Engineering design and parameter estimation in solid mechanics, fluid dynamics and semiconductor physics; inverse problems in geophysics; medical image analysis; novel uses of optimization in shock physics and climate science (sea-ice and atmospheric modeling).