Rapid Optimization Library

Project Lead

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ROL is a high-performance C++ library for numerical optimization. ROL brings an extensive collection of state-of-the-art optimization algorithms to virtually any application. Its programming interface supports any computational hardware, including heterogeneous many-core systems with digital and analog accelerators. ROL has been used with great success for optimal control, optimal design, inverse problems, image processing and mesh optimization, in application areas including geophysics, structural dynamics, fluid dynamics, electromagnetics, quantum computing, hypersonics and geospatial imaging.


Lead Developer

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Intrepid is a Trilinos package for discretizations of partial differential equations (PDEs) on individual mesh cells, enabling a cell-level mix-and-match approach to implementing compatible and high-order finite element, finite volume, and mimetic finite difference methods.



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MrHyDE is a Trilinos-based software framework for solving Multi-resolution Hybridized Differential Equations. MrHyDE defines lightweight interfaces to combine Trilinos discretization, automatic differentiation and linear algebra packages with custom performance portability options, enabling hardware-optimized solution of transient nonlinear coupled multiphysics and multiscale problems. MrHyDE’s emphasis is on the development of “beyond forward simulation” capabilities, e.g., optimization and uncertainty quantification.