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solar powered car

The Fleet Services and the Energy Management (facilities) team received White House recognition as one of eight recipients of the 2010 GreenGov Presidential Award. The team earned the “Green Innovation Award” for developing and implementing photovoltaic-powered carts. The goal of the project was to reduce grid-tied energy use, increase renewable energy use, and implement solutions for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The awards recognize extraordinary achievements in pursuit of President Obama’s Executive Order 13514 on Federal Leadership in Environmental, Energy, and Economic Performance. (10200) IES

The Fleet Services team received national recognition as one of the “100 Best Fleets in North America,” meeting the program’s standards of excellence for 2010. The 100 Best Fleets award program recognizes and rewards peak performing public sector fleet operations in North America. The program also identifies and encourages ever-increasing levels of performance improvement within the fleet industry. (10200) IES


Each citation is followed by the center numbers of centers that contributed most directly to the effort described. An acronym after each accomplishment indicates which of Sandia's strategic management units (SMUs) or strategic management groups (SMGs) the work most directly supported.

The SMG/SMU acronyms are:

  • NW: Nuclear Weapons SMG & SMU
  • DS & A: Defense Systems & Assessments SMU
  • IHNS: International, Homeland, and Nuclear Security SMU
  • ECIS: Energy, Climate, and Infrastructure SMU
  • IES: Integrated Enabling Services SMU
  • SPP: Sandia Partnership Projects