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Throughout FY10, Sandia worked consistently to respond to the NNSA administrator’s direction to mature the government/contractor relationship into one founded on the principles of transparency, accountability, and a mission focus. To realize the administrator’s vision, Sandia partnered with the Sandia Site Office to reduce regulatory redundancy in the Sandia contract and revise the Laboratory Performance Evaluation Plan to embody the administrator’s governance principles. The impacts of these efforts are far-reaching as Sandia continues to work across the Nuclear Security Enterprise to establish enduring processes and train other sites on this new approach, which is now recognized Enterprise-wide. (Labs-wide) All SMUs

Building on the success of Sandia’s 60th Anniversary events in Washington D.C., and New Mexico, the California site held a commemorative event in December 2009 attended by eight Congressional offices, the Governor’s office, multiple state and local elected officials, and regional community and business leaders. The commemoration helped communicate with members of Congress and community leaders concerning the values that drive our institution and the many ways that Sandia supports national security needs. (0060) All SMUs

Contract Audit developed and piloted a program for expediting closeouts of contracts where the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) is the responsible auditing agency. By reducing the need for DCAA assist audits, the program will save DOE/NNSA money and help eliminate an approximately $195 million audit backlog. The program employs a risk-based review process and complies with generally accepted government auditing standards. Contract Audit conducts audits of approximately one-third of about 500 of Sandia’s contracts annually to ensure they are negotiated and settled for a reasonable cost. (0800) IES

Each citation is followed by the center numbers of centers that contributed most directly to the effort described. An acronym after each accomplishment indicates which of Sandia’s strategic management units (SMUs) or strategic management groups (SMGs) the work most directly supported.

The SMG/SMU acronyms are:

  • NW: Nuclear Weapons SMG & SMU
  • DS & A: Defense Systems & Assessments SMU
  • IHNS: International, Homeland, and Nuclear Security SMU
  • ECIS: Energy, Climate, and Infrastructure SMU
  • IES: Integrated Enabling Services SMU
  • SPP: Sandia Partnership Projects