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The Aegis Readiness Assessment Vehicle (ARAV) team was presented with the 2010 David Packard Excellence in Acquisition Award by Hon. Ashton Carter, undersecretary of defense for acquisition, technology, and logistics, in recognition of its innovative acquisition practices in building, integrating, and launching, eight ballistic missile targets, including a new vehicle that allows the US to test against complex, realistic countermeasures. The ARAV team sought to build and launch a cost-effective family of high fidelity ballistic missile targets. The resultant ARAV-As and -Bs are more than 85 percent less costly than the targets they replaced. (5400) DS&A

TIME Magazine selected a device developed by Sandia researchers, which disables improvised explosive devices, as one of its “50 Best Inventions of 2010.” As a measure to defeat roadside bombs and other IEDs, the disruptor shoots a thin blade of water capable of penetrating steel. The high-speed, precise blade penetrates the IED and is followed by a water slug that performs the general threat disruption. Sandia licensed the technology to TEAM Technologies, Inc., and so far, about 7,000 units have been shipped to warfighters in Afghanistan. (5400) DS&A

The Precision Tracking Space System (PTSS) presents an opportunity for Sandia to apply more than 25 years of established space technologies and expertise to constellation-level challenges for detecting and tracking dim targets. Sandia is part of a national team developing an alternative approach to the challenging requirements levied on the Missile Defense Agency’s space layer. Engaging the missile defense mission is part of the space strategy to increase Sandia’s impact on national security and broaden the support base for Sandia’s unique space competencies. (5400, 5500, 5700) DS&A

The KDP-III and KDP-IV completed NSA-witnessed cryptopgraphic verification testing in summer 2010. The KDP is the Sandia-designed cryptographic engine at the heart of each Selective Availability Anti-Spoofing Module GPS receiver. The module decrypts GPS satellite transmissions and grants access to military signals and data for increased precision and signal authentication. Completion of this cryptographic verification testing, and the approval letter from the NSA, allow the SAASM developers to load and execute classified Sandia-written and NSA-certified operational SW into the GPS receivers. (2600) DS&A

Each citation is followed by the center numbers of centers that contributed most directly to the effort described. An acronym after each accomplishment indicates which of Sandia’s strategic management units (SMUs) or strategic management groups (SMGs) the work most directly supported.

The SMG/SMU acronyms are:

  • NW: Nuclear Weapons SMG & SMU
  • DS & A: Defense Systems & Assessments SMU
  • IHNS: International, Homeland, and Nuclear Security SMU
  • ECIS: Energy, Climate, and Infrastructure SMU
  • IES: Integrated Enabling Services SMU
  • SPP: Sandia Partnership Projects