Energy Storage Systems Safety and Reliability Forum 2019

Energy Storage Systems Safety and Reliability Forum
March 6-8, 2019

The 2019 Energy Storage Systems Safety & Reliability Forum provided a platform for discussing the current state of ESS safety and reliability and mitigation strategies for improving cell to system level safety and reliability. This open forum provided presenters an opportunity to present their work in energy storage safety and reliability, and provided attendees the chance to see the work that is creating the future of the industry.

Wednesday, March 6

Opening RemarksImre GyukDOE Office of Electricity
Opening RemarksBabu ChalamalaSandia National Laboratories
Welcome videoSenator Martin HeinrichUnited States Senate

Session 1: Setting the Stage (Session Chair – Summer Ferreira)

Innovations and Trends in Battery Pack & ESS SafetyJohn WarnerWarner Energy Consulting
Commissioning a Battery Energy Storage SystemDan BorneoSandia National Laboratories
Balancing Business Interests and SafetyDavid ConoverPacific Northwest National Laboratory

Session 2: Understanding Failure R&D (Session Chair – Erik Spoerke)

Interplay Between Electrode Morphology and Mechanical Stress in Battery Performance and SafetyScott RobertsSandia National Laboratories
Optical Measurement of Gas Venting & Droplet Spray from 18650 Format Lithium Ion Battery Vent MechanismsFrank MierNew Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
Experimental Investigation of Thermal Failure Propagation through Li-ion Cell ArraysAhmed SaidUniversity of Maryland
Design of Deflagration Venting for Li-BESS Explosion MitigationAustin BairdThe University of Texas at Austin
Toward Understanding and Preventing Cascading Failure with Computer ModelingJohn HewsonSandia National Laboratories
Strict Measurement of Temperature Distribution in Evaluation Atmosphere for Precise Modeling of Large-scale BESS Propagation PhenomenaHideki SatakeNational Institute of Testing and Evaluation / Japan

Session 3: Incident Management and Failure Consequences (Session Chair – June Stanley)

Preventing Preventable Accidents Through Knowledge SharingDana SchulzeNational Transportation Safety Board
Thermal Runaway Risk Assessment of Li-ion Batteries Used in Energy StorageHsin WangOak Ridge National Laboratory
Large Scale Testing of Energy Storage Systems: Fire Protection and Response ConsiderationsAdam BarowyUL LLC
Energy Storage Incident ManagementTom BensonEnergy Storage Response Group
Safety Testing Guidance and Guidance for Safely TestingDalan ZartmanRescue Methods

Session 4: Understanding Failure Applied (Session Chair – Steve Willard)

Design of a Fail-safe Energy Storage System – Features Which Will Help You Sleep at NightMichael HoffNEC Energy Solutions
The Challenges Associated with Assessing Energy Storage Performance and Reliability with Large Amounts of Field DataJoe ThompsonElectric Power Research Institute (EPRI)
Battery Management Systems, Crucial ESS ConsiderationJody LeberCSA Group

Thursday, March 7

Session 5: Codes and Standards (Session Chair – David Conover)

ESS Fire Protection Concepts in the 2021 IFC and NFPA 855Howard HopperUL LLC
Manufacturer Challenges to ESS DeploymentChad KennedySchneider Electric
Bowtie and Hazard Mitigation Analysis (HMA) as a Visual Means for Risk Analysis and Incident PlanningNick WarnerWarner Energy Storage Solutions
Addressing Gaps in Safety of Energy Storage SystemsLaurie FlorenceUL LLC
Panel Discussion  

Session 6: Designing Robust Systems (Session Chair – John Holms)

Battery Fault Tolerance and Safety in High Reliability Autonomous ApplicationsErik BrandonNASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Lifecycle Management of Advanced BatteriesDirk SpiersSpiers New Technologies
The Need for Robust Thermal Management Systems (TMS), Not Just BMSRuss WeedCleanTech Strategies LLC
Panel Discussion  

Session 7: Reliability and Abuse R&D (Session Chair – Randy Shurtz)

Li-ion Battery Chemistries under Grid Duty CyclesDaiwon ChoiPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Independent Storage Reliability AssessmentMiles EvansElectric Power Research Institute (EPRI)
Durability and Reliability of Commercial Li-Ion Cells as a Function of Chemistry and Cycling ConditionsYuliya PregerSandia National Laboratories
Multi-Particle Reduced-Order Model for Prognostic Battery State-of-Health MonitoringSangwoo HanSF Motors
Improved Li-ion Battery Safety Through Off-Gas MonitoringNick FrankNexceris

Session 8: Beyond Li-ion (Session Chair – Hsin Wang)

Techniques for Measuring Gas and Heat Generation from BatteriesQuinn HornExponent
ESS for Addressing Bulk Power System Impacts from Distributed Energy ResourcesCharlie VartanianPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Resilient Molecules to MegawattsGary YangUniEnergy Technologies
Designs for Safe and Reliable Thermal Energy StorageClifford HoSandia National Laboratories
In-Situ Reliability Studies of Vanadium Flow BatteriesBin LiPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Closing RemarksSummer FerreiraSandia National Laboratories

Friday, March 8

Breakout Sessions

R&D Gaps and Efforts as They Pertain to Near-Term Impacts on Storage Systems  
Codes and Standards Gaps and Efforts — Science Informed Support for Responsible and Effective Storage System Implementation  
Safe and Reliable Energy Storage Needs from Non-Lithium ion Technologies to Cyber Security Current Gaps and Next Steps