Sandians Lead Grid Storage Tutorial at 2024 IEEE Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Conference

On February 19, 2024, Sandia staff were co-instructors for the tutorial “How Grid Energy Storage Meets the Challenges of a Decarbonized Future”, at the 2024 IEEE Innovative Smart Grid Technologies conference in Washington DC.  This tutorial was organized and led by the IEEE Energy Storage and Stationary Battery (ESSB) technical committee.  Sandia staff, in support of the IEEE ESSB, covered tutorial sub-topics including Long Duration Energy Storage (LDES) technologies, Energy Storage (ES) economics, ES grid interconnection, and ES safety. This tutorial will be provided next at the IEEE T&D show May 6, 2024, in Anaheim CA.  A read description of that tutorial here.

In supporting IEEE ESSB, Sandia staff leverages and promotes Lab ES R&D learning and resources. The IEEE is also a productive community for technical information-exchange and socializing broader DOE initiatives including the Long Duration Storage Shot.