Sandians Help Develop New Energy Storage Standards Through ESSB Committee

From January 30 – February 2, 2024, Sandia staff participated in the 2024 IEEE Energy Storage and Stationary Battery (ESSB) committee’s winter general meeting. The meeting was held in San Diego, CA, co-located with the IEEE EESAT conference. These ESSB biannual meetings cover committee-level administrative and planning activities, plus additional breakout meetings for individual standards working groups sponsored by the ESSB. See the winter meeting agenda here.

Sandia staff and contractors who participated include:

  • Babu Chalamala, past ESSB Chair
  • Waylon Clark, P3434 Working Group Chair
  • David Rosewater, P2686 Working Group Chair
  • David Schoenwald, P2688 Working Group Chair
  • Tu Nguyen, P2688 Working Group Vice Chair
  • Tom Carpenter (contractor), ESSB Treasurer
  • Chris Searles (contractor), ESSB Awards Chair and past ESSB Chair
  • Charlie Vartanian (contractor), ESSB Energy Storage Collaboration Team Secretary

The ESSB Committee plays a crucial industry role by both maintaining the IEEE’s existing set of “traditional” technical standards for stationary batteries, while also developing new standards for emerging storage technologies and the integration of storage technologies into energy storage systems. The active expansion of standards under ESSB addresses a strategic gap that the DOE OE ES R&D program has identified as a barrier to stationary storage adoption, specifically lack of standards. Sandia staff lead several of the newer ESSB standards projects, including a new draft IEEE recommended practice for Battery Management Systems (BMS, IEEE project P2686) and new draft IEEE recommended practice for Energy Storage Management Systems (ESMS, IEEE project P2688). The Summer 2024 ESSB general meeting will be held this July in Richland, Washington. Additional meeting information will be posted at IEEE PES Energy Storage and Stationary Battery Committee (ESSB).