Energy Storage Test Pad Characterizes TransPower’s GridSaver

Sandia National Laboratories has begun characterizing the capacity, power, safety and reliability of TransPower’s GridSaver, a 1 megawatt, lithium-ion grid energy storage system, at Sandia’s Energy Storage Test Pad.

Project lead David Rosewater said, “Independent evaluations provide valuable feedback for industry efforts to standardize metrics for characterizing and reporting reliability, safety and performance. Companies need the standards to develop large procurement goals for grid energy storage because they must be able to compare performance and cost.”

Sandia’s Energy Storage Test Pad and Energy Storage Analysis Laboratory test facilities validate manufacturers’ specifications of energy storage devices through characterization and application-specific cycle testing. They also can help users evaluate system parameters, including storage device efficiency, performance to specifications, reliability and balance of plant operation.

Sandia News Release provides more information on the TransPower GridSaver characterization testing.