2020 U.S. DOE Energy Storage Handbook

The 2020 U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Energy Storage Handbook (ESHB) is for readers interested in the fundamental concepts and applications of grid-level energy storage systems (ESSs). The ESHB provides high-level technical discussions of current technologies, industry standards, processes, best practices, guidance, challenges, lessons learned, and projections about energy storage as an emerging and enabling technology. Projects and applications span the gamut of the electricity delivery system: generation, transmission, and distribution.

The ESHB is a peer-reviewed document, comprised of 25 chapters with approximately 60 contributing authors. The ESHB is divided into three distinct sections: Energy Storage Technologies, Engineering Storage Systems, and Applications and Markets.

NOTE: The development of the Handbook is ongoing and chapters will be posted on this page as they are finalized.


Chapter Title Authors
1 Introduction Dr. Imre Gyuk
Part I – Technologies
2 Lead-Acid and Advanced Lead-Acid Battery Technologies Chris Searles
3 Lithium-ion Batteries Yuliya Preger, Loraine Torres-Castro, Jim McDowell
4 Sodium-Based Battery Technologies Erik D. Spoerke, Martha M. Gross, Leo J. Small, Stephen J. Percival
5 Rechargeable Zinc Batteries Matthew Lim, Tim Lambert
6 Redox Flow Batteries Leo Small, Cy Fujimoto, Travis Anderson, Harry Pratt
7 Flywheels Don Bender
8 Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) Stephen Bauer
9 Pumped Hydroelectric Storage (PHS) Budi Gunawan
10 Supercapacitors Hengzhao Yang
11 Hydrogen Energy Storage Alexander Headley, Susan Schoenung
12 Thermal Energy Storage Technologies Clifford K. Ho, Andrea Ambrosini
Part II – Engineering Storage Systems
13 Power Conversion Systems Jacob Mueller, Stan Atcitty, Mike Ropp
14 Integrating Energy Storage – Grid Interconnection Standards Howard Passell, Charlie Vartanian, Will McNamara, Jeremy Twitchell, Sam Ojetola, Pramod Kulkarni
15 Energy Storage Management Systems Tu Nguyen, David Rosewater, Rodrigo Trevizan, Felipe Wilches-Bernal, Ray Byrne
16 Energy Storage Performance Testing David Rosewater, David Schoenwald
17 Safety of Electrochemical Energy Storage Devices Joshua Lamb, John Hewson, Yuliya Preger, Loraine Torres-Castro, David Rosewater, Randy Shurtz, Andrew Kurzawski, Reed Wittman, Chris Searles
18 Physical Security and Cybersecurity of Energy Storage Systems Jay Johnson, Rodrigo Trevizan, Jeffrey Hoaglund, Tu Nguyen
19 Stability Analysis of Energy Storage Integration in Power Systems Ujjwol Tamrakar, Hyungjin Choi, Reinaldo Tonkoski
20 Procurement Todd Olinsky-Paul, Dan Borneo, Susan Schoenung
21 Commissioning Susan Schoenung, Dan Borneo, Ben Schenkman
22 Energy Storage Deployment and Lessons Learned Ben Schenkman, Dan Borneo, Susan Schoenung
Part III – Applications and Markets
23 Applications and Grid Services Tu Nguyen, Raymond Byrne, Rodrigo Trevizan, Alvaro Bastos, Felipe Wilches-Bernal, Ricky Concepcion, Reinaldo Tonkoski, Alexander Headley
24 Energy Storage Policy & Analysis Will McNamara
25 Energy Storage System Pricing Richard Baxter, Ray Byrne


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