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Monday, October 17, 2005

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Session #1: Economics and Policy I

Title Presenter PDF
Estimating the Value of Electricity Storage: Some Size, Location, and Market Structure Issues Thomas Jenkin: National Renewable Energy Laboratory PDF
Balancing Costs and Benefits with a Combination of Storage and Generation Jim McDowall; Saft America PDF
Deployment of Distributed Energy Storage System at American Electric Power Larry Dickerman; American Electric Power PDF
Economic Opportunity of Storage Systems and Distributed Production Plants as Alternatives to 1-10 MW Power Generating Units for Energy First Aid or Rubbing Out Periods in Industrial Sites Régine Clavreul; Electticite de France PDF

Session #2: Economics and Policy II

Title Presenter PDF
Energy Storage: Why So Few Pay Attention Jason Makansi; Pearl Street PDF
Evaluating Risk-adjusted Cost for Electic Utility T&D Using Modular Distributed Energy Resources James Eyer; Distributed Utility Associates PDF
Benefit and Cost Comparisons of Energy Storage Technologies for Three Emerging Value Propositions Susan Schoenung ; Longitute 122 West, Inc. PDF

Session #3: NYSERIDA/DOE Storage Initiative

Title Presenter PDF
Advanced 1-MW, 7-MWh, Peak-shaving, Sodium-sulfur Battery Energy Storage Project at Long Island Bus Yan Kishinevsky; New York Power Authority PDF
Residential Energy Storage and Propane Fuel Cell Demonstration Project by the Delaware County Electric Cooperative, Inc. Mark Schneider; Delaware County Electric Cooperative, Inc. PDF
Electric Energy Storage: Opportunities and Challenges in NY Rahul Walawalkar; Customized Energy Solutions PDF
Mini-Compressed Air Energy Storage for Transmission Congestion Relief and Wind Shaping Applications Jim Jewitt; Tadanac Energy Advisors PDF
Status Update on the NYSERDA/DOE Joint Energy Storage Initiative Projects Jeff Lamoree; EnerNex Corporation PDF

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

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Session #4: Advanced Batteries

Title Presenter PDF
Bipolar Nickel Metal Hydride High Power and Energy Storage Batteries for Utility Applications James Landi; Electro Energy Inc. PDF
The Design of VRLA Batteries for Successful Operation in a High-rate, Partial-state-of-charge Regime Patrick T. Moseley; International Lead Zinc Research Organization, Inc. PDF
Field Test Results for a 1 kW, 50 kWh Vanadium Redox Flow Battery Adam Whitehead, Adam Harrer, Martha Schreiber: Funktionswerkstoffe Forschungs- und Entwicklungs GmbH PDF

Session #5: Electro- Chemical Capacitors

Title Presenter PDF
Accelerated Cycle-Life Testing On The Cyclon Lead-Acid Battery Tom Hund; Sandia National Laboratories, PDF
Ultracapacitors and Batteries in Wind Power Systems Control and Operation Raili Alanen; VTT Processes PDF
Status Report 2005 on Capacitor Storage Systems – ECaSS Michio Okamura; Power Systems Co PDF
Principle of Hybrid Energy Storage Systems Based on Hydro-Pneumatics and Supercapacitors for Distributed Generation and Renewable Energy Sources Support Sylvian Lemofouet; Swiss Federal Insititute of Technology PDF

Session #6: Alternative Concepts

Title Presenter PDF
Pumped Storage for the Distributed Generation Market John Halloran; ProPower Resources, LLC PDF
The Delta Tandem Kinetic Battery Concept Dale E. Van Cor; Van Cor Transmission PDF
Test and Evaluation of Heat Transfer Parameters for Transportable CAES Tank System Paul Lieberman; Lieberman Research Associates PDF

Session #7: Flywheels

Title Presenter PDF
Challenges and Solutions for the Use of Flywheel Energy Storage in High Power Applications john Herbst; University of Texas Center for Electromechanics PDF
Use of Flywheels in High Cycling Applications Octavio Solis; VYCON, Inc PDF
Improvement of Electric Power Quality Using a Small Flywheel with a Squirrel-cage Induction Motor Shuhei Kato; Tokyo Institute of Technology PDF
Paralleling Flywheels For Power & Reliability Without Limitation: A 750 kVA Flywheel-UPS Demonstration David Townley, Claude Khalizadeh; Pentadyne Power Corp. PDF
Design, Fabrication, and Test of a 5 kWh Flywheel Energy Storage System Utilizing a High Temperature Superconducting Magnetic Bearing P. E. Johnson; The Boeing Company PDF

Session #8: Renewable and Distributed Energy

Title Presenter PDF
Dependable Energy Supply from Fluctuating Natural Sources – A Case for Energy Storage Werner Leonhard; Technical University Braunschweig PDF
Australian Government Support for Renewable Energy and the Advanced Electricity Storage Technologies Programme Denis Smedley; Australian Greenhouse Office PDF
Using Energy Storage to Ease Integration of Wind Generation with the Power Grid Steve Eckroad; Electric Power Research Institute PDF
Subaru Project: Field test of Energy Storage Systems for Stabilization of 30.6MW Wind Farm Gentaro Koshimizu; Electric Power Development Co., Ltd. PDF
Optimizing Off-Grid Hybrid Generation Systems Garth P. Corey; Sandia National Laboratories PDF
Overcoming Transmission Constraints: Energy Storage and Wyoming Wind Power Mindi Farber-DeAnda; SAIC PDF
Alaska Hybrid Simulator Model (Hybsim v1.0) David Trujillo; Sandia National Laboratories PDF
The Economic Impact of CAES on Wind in TX, OK, and NM Nisha Desai; Ridge Energy Storage & Grid Services LP PDF

Session #9: Power Electronics I

Title Presenter PDF
An Approach to Improving the Physical and Cyber Security of a Bulk Power System with FACTS Mariessa Crow;University of Missouri-Rolla PDF
Progress on a 100-kw, Low-cost Energy Storage Inverter Larry Rinehart;Rinehart Motion Systems, LLC PDF

Session #10: Power Electronics II

Title Presenter PDF
Progress on a Transmission Ultracapacitor Integrating Emitter Turn-off Thyristor with Ultracapacitor Chong Han; North Carolina State University PDF
High Power Silicon Carbide Inverter Design – 100kW Griud Connect Building Block Leo Casey; SatCon Technology Corporation PDF
An Advanced Power Converter System Based on High Temperature, High Power Density SiC Devices Timothy Lin; Aegis Technology Inc. PDF
A Very High-Temperature (400+C) Inverter for Energy Storage Applications Utilizing Silicon on Insulator (SOI) and Silicon Carbide (SiC) Electronics Roberto Schupbach; Arkansas Power Electronics International, Inc PDF

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

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Session #11: Compressed Air Energy Storage

Title Presenter PDF
Integrated Wind Energy with Compressed Air Energy Storage for Dispatchable Generation Jeffery B. Greenblatt; Princeton University PDF
Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) Coupled with Gas Turbine Air Injection (AI) Makes Renewables and Wind Power More Economic Michael Nakhamkin; Energy Systems anmd Power Consultants PDF
Thermal and Compressed Air Storage (TACAS) Technology: The Road to Commercialization John R. Sears, Active Power PDF

Session #12: CEC/DOE Storage Collaboration

Title Presenter PDF
Ultracapacitor EnergyBridge™ UPS for Palmdale Water District Chris McKay; Northern Power Systems PDF
Flywheel-Based Frequency Regulation Demonstration Projects Matthew L. Lazarewicz; Beacon Power Corp. PDF
Demonstration of a 2-MWh Peak Shaving Z-BESS Peter Lex; ZBB Energy Corporation PDF
Web-Based Energy Storage Monitoring – Interim Results Doug Dorr; EPRI Solutions PDF