Current Development Status

U.S. codes and standards are developed in the voluntary sector through the efforts of standards development organizations (SDOs), although they can also be developed directly by those having the authority to adopt and apply requirements applicable to ESS technology installations. In most cases, those adopting requirements associated with ESS safety will base their requirements on the codes and standards developed by U.S. SDOs and then as warranted make administrative and possibly technical modifications to those requirements. Read more about the Adoption of Codes and Standards.

To review all ESSC Codes and Standards Reports that provide up-to-date information on the status of the many codes and standards activities being undertaken by U.S. SDOs, as well as special briefing reports covering selected codes and standards development activities in more detail, see Publications and Presentations

To support a better understanding of codes and standards development (and adoption), the ESSC published a brief on Energy Storage System Safety Development and Adoption of Codes and Standards.

The updating of C/S is very dynamic. Through the ESSC efforts we hope to facilitate participation in the development of the codes and standards covered in the monthly report as well as identify other relevant documents that should be included in the efforts of the ESSC and added to the report. Note that the codes and standards covered in the report are considered key documents based on their scope and rate of adoption. Within these codes and standards there is a myriad of other standards that are adopted by reference; compounding the challenge of sorting out what is and is not key and then keeping current on the activities associated with each selected document.  For those wanting additional detail on additional standards related to ESS safety, please review the Inventory of Safety-Related Codes and Standards for Energy Storage Systems (with some Experiences related to Approval and Acceptance).