Finding Research Collaborators

This page is a collaborative resource. If you wish to be listed here in order to connect with potential partners, e-mail us at Please include the name of your company/institution, your contact information (name, number and e-mail, weblink), a short description of your current area of research and if you are actively looking for research partners with specific expertise or capabilities, and the DOI numbers for any research articles you would like to have linked to (these will also be listed in our relevant literature section). This list is maintained as out time and funds allow so we thank you for your patience on updates.

Summer FerreiraSandia National LaboratoriesCell reliability and abuse, materials analysis, thermal modeling, string and pack
David ConoverPacific Northwest National LaboratoryEnergy storage safety codes, standards, and
Hsin WangOak Ridge National LaboratoryInternal short circuit testing, mechanical abuse testing, thermal management, safety simulation, crash worthiness simulation of electric