Research & Development Overview

Considerable research is being done to improve the safety of energy storage technologies and minimize the unintended consequences of potential failures. The energy storage safety working group communicates with stakeholders, researchers and other relevant parties to foster identification of and prioritization, collaboration, and coordination, on critical research. This site serves as an information conduit and active workspace for all stakeholders interested in ESS safety ranging from researchers across the field of ESS to first responders addressing mitigation of a safety incident. Its objectives include informing R&D on the highest value activities to understand and mitigate risks, collecting best practices to minimize the frequency and severity of incidents, helping to identify and document system risks and then ensuring those involved in any aspect of ESS safety are aware of the results relevant to their needs. Below is the current list of identified R&D priorities which have the greatest potential impact on improving the risk management of the field.

Electropaedia provides an introduction to the challenges and path to mitigate risks in batteries.

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