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Research & Development

Research & Development Overview: The goal of the R&D task is to ensure that the most needed research is identified, prioritized, and communicated so the community can best minimize consequences from potential system failures. To address the R&D ESS Safety goal to “Foster confidence in the safety and reliability of energy storage systems” the objectives of the R&D effort include the following:

  • Safety Research Priorities: Facilitate collaboration, information and results sharing. Identify gaps such as testing that is needed, what should be measured and how, shortcomings of current information, and need for new test methods.
  • Finding Research Collaborators: Facilitate collaboration to design research and information gathering efforts to address the identified gaps.
  • Collaborative Research Publications: Identify available information, best practices, test results, etc. and facilitate the inclusion of relevant information into an ESS Collaborative Repository. Update the ESS Collaborative Repository with information generated by the tasks in this Objective, to support the goal of this Roadmap.