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Xyce parallel electronic simulator design : mathematical formulation, version 2.0

Keiter, Eric R.; Hutchinson, Scott A.; Hoekstra, Robert J.; Russo, Thomas V.

This document is intended to contain a detailed description of the mathematical formulation of Xyce, a massively parallel SPICE-style circuit simulator developed at Sandia National Laboratories. The target audience of this document are people in the role of 'service provider'. An example of such a person would be a linear solver expert who is spending a small fraction of his time developing solver algorithms for Xyce. Such a person probably is not an expert in circuit simulation, and would benefit from an description of the equations solved by Xyce. In this document, modified nodal analysis (MNA) is described in detail, with a number of examples. Issues that are unique to circuit simulation, such as voltage limiting, are also described in detail.