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Using triggered operations to offload rendezvous messages

Barrett, Brian B.; Brightwell, Ronald B.; Hemmert, Karl S.; Wheeler, Kyle B.; Underwood, Keith D.

Historically, MPI implementations have had to choose between eager messaging protocols that require buffering and rendezvous protocols that sacrifice overlap and strong independent progress in some scenarios. The typical choice is to use an eager protocol for short messages and switch to a rendezvous protocol for long messages. If overlap and progress are desired, some implementations offer the option of using a thread. We propose an approach that leverages triggered operations to implement a long message rendezvous protocol that provides strong progress guarantees. The results indicate that a triggered operation based rendezvous can achieve better overlap than a traditional rendezvous implementation and less wasted bandwidth than an eager long protocol. © 2011 Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg.