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User Guidelines and Best Practices for CASL VUQ Analysis Using Dakota

Adams, Brian M.; Coleman, Kayla M.; Hooper, Russell H.; Khuwaileh, Bassam A.; Lewis, Allison L.; Smith, Ralph S.; Swiler, Laura P.; Turinsky, Paul J.; Williams, Brian W.

Sandia's Dakota software (available at supports science and engineering transformation through advanced exploration of simulations. Specifically, it manages and analyzes ensembles of simulations to provide broader and deeper perspective for analysts and decision makers. This enables them to enhance understanding of risk, improve products, and assess simulation credibility. This manual offers Consortium for Advanced Simulation of Light Water Reactors (LWRs) (CASL) partners a guide to conducting Dakota-based VUQ studies for CASL problems. It motivates various classes of Dakota methods and includes examples of their use on representative application problems. On reading, a CASL analyst should understand why and how to apply Dakota to a simulation problem.