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Two-way coupling of Presto v2.8 and CTH v8.1

Edwards, Harold C.; Crawford, D.A.; Bishop, Joseph E.

A loose two-way coupling of SNL's Presto v2.8 and CTH v8.1 analysis code has been developed to support the analysis of explosive loading of structures. Presto is a Lagrangian, three-dimensional explicit, transient dynamics code in the SIERRA mechanics suite for the analysis of structures subjected to impact-like loads. CTH is a hydro code for modeling complex multi-dimensional, multi-material problems that are characterized by large deformations and/or strong shocks. A fundamental assumption in this loose coupling is that the compliance of the structure modeled with Presto is significantly smaller than the compliance of the surrounding medium (e.g. air) modeled with CTH. A current limitation of the coupled code is that the interaction between CTH and thin structures modeled in Presto (e.g. shells) is not supported. Research is in progress to relax this thin-structure limitation.