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Trilinos 4.0 tutorial

Sala, Marzio S.; Heroux, Michael A.; Day, David M.

The Trilinos Project is an effort to facilitate the design, development, integration and ongoing support of mathematical software libraries. The goal of the Trilinos Project is to develop parallel solver algorithms and libraries within an object-oriented software framework for the solution of large-scale, complex multiphysics engineering and scientific applications. The emphasis is on developing robust, scalable algorithms in a software framework, using abstract interfaces for flexible interoperability of components while providing a full-featured set of concrete classes that implement all the abstract interfaces. This document introduces the use of Trilinos, version 4.0. The presented material includes, among others, the definition of distributed matrices and vectors with Epetra, the iterative solution of linear systems with AztecOO, incomplete factorizations with IF-PACK, multilevel and domain decomposition preconditioners with ML, direct solution of linear system with Amesos, and iterative solution of nonlinear systems with NOX. The tutorial is a self-contained introduction, intended to help computational scientists effectively apply the appropriate Trilinos package to their applications. Basic examples are presented that are fit to be imitated. This document is a companion to the Trilinos User's Guide [20] and Trilinos Development Guides [21,22]. Please note that the documentation included in each of the Trilinos' packages is of fundamental importance.