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Towards Use of Mixed Precision in ECP Math Libraries [Exascale Computing Project]

Antz, Hartwig A.; Boman, Erik G.; Gates, Mark G.; Kruger, Scott E.; Li, Sherry L.; Loe, Jennifer A.; Osei-Kuffuor, Daniel O.; Tomov, Stan T.; Tsai, Yaohung M.; Meier Yang, Ulrike M.

The use of multiple types of precision in mathematical software has the potential to increase its performance on new heterogeneous architectures. The xSDK project focuses both on the investigation and development of multiprecision algorithms as well as their inclusion into xSDK member libraries. This report summarizes current efforts on including and/or using mixed precision capabilities in the math libraries Ginkgo, heFFTe, hypre, MAGMA, PETSc/TAO, SLATE, SuperLU, and Trilinos, including KokkosKernels. It contains both numerical results from libraries that already provide mixed precision capabilities, as well as descriptions of the strategies to incorporate multiprecision into established libraries.