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Theory of the metastable injection-bleached E3c center in GaAs

Schultz, Peter A.; Hjalmarson, Harold P.

The E3 transition in irradiated GaAs observed in deep level transient spectroscopy (DLTS) was recently discovered in Laplace-DLTS to encompass three distinct components. The component designated E3c was found to be metastable, reversibly bleached under minority carrier (hole) injection, with an introduction rate dependent upon Si doping density. It is shown through first-principles modeling that the E3c must be the intimate Si-vacancy pair, best described as a Si sitting in a divacancy Sivv. The bleached metastable state is enabled by a doubly site-shifting mechanism: Upon recharging, the defect undergoes a second site shift rather returning to its original E3c-active configuration via reversing the first site shift. Identification of this defect offers insights into the short-time annealing kinetics in irradiated GaAs.